The Secrets to Best Herb Grinder

A herb grinder sometimes referred to as tobacco or weed grinder is used to chop or cut herbs or spices. There are different variations of herb grinder depending on the number of pieces it consists or the material it is manufactured with or the mechanism used to grind the herbs. Here are some secrets behind choosing the best among a range of herb grinders available in the market. Quality The longer the herb grinder functions, the better is its quality. The benchmark for quality is often confused with durability. Although this can be an agreeable measure of quality, long-lasting herb grinders are not always the best. The real grinding quality can be achieved by grinders with a good number of teeth and pins which are strategically placed at the right spots. Results Hand-crank or electric herb grinders can be made of good quality raw materials, but they do not offer much control. So the results might not match your expectations. One of the reasons of grinding the herbs is to accentuate the flavors and essence of the herbs.


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The herb grinder should be able to give smaller, consistent pieces with an even burn. The rhomboid shape teeth in diamond grinders can grind the herbs well and produces evenly grind and fluffy herbs. Material Some of the materials that the herb grinders are made of include titanium, wood, aluminum, acrylic or plastic. Titanium and aluminum are the most common ones available at a little lesser price. But they can sometimes make you sick because of their ability to react with certain herbs. Aluminum is linked to diseases like Alzheimer’s. Wood grinders are not always finished well. Plastic or acrylic grinders are also cheap, but they fume gas which is dangerous to inhale. They are weak materials which may lead the teeth tips sometimes to break off while grinding. Diamond grinders are the best as they are made of pharmaceutical grade high-quality polycarbonate and polypropylene lids. They do not produce gas and are strong enough not to powder themselves while grinding. Price Buying a herb grinder based on just good quality and results will not do. The herb grinder should be affordable. It is not always true that the higher priced herb grinder is better compared to the lower priced ones. Choosing the best herb grinder within the budget that does what you desire is wise.


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Just try to crush some herbs or spices such as pepper to test the herb grinders. Few things to keep in mind while testing: •    The grinder should not leave traces of paint or any other raw material in the resulting ground herbs. •    It should not make you use your hands to clean up the grinder as far as possible because your hands can deteriorate the quality of herbs. •    The herb grinder should be sturdy such that the hard spices do not break them. •    It may be an icing on the cake to have extra features like storage compartments, magnets that hold the grinding pieces together or pollen screens to clog less. The secret behind choosing the best herb grinder is to check it out personally and buy the one that suits your needs.

Post time: Aug-14-2020